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Welcome to Ketchup Recipe!

Welcome to, a website dedicated to collecting Ketchup recipes from all around the world.

Ketchup (or catsup) by either spelling is a favorite American condiment and easy to make. The best part of making your own ketchup is that you can readily control the amount of sugar you use and even customize the flavorings and spiciness to your taste or the tastes of your family.

KetchupAdditonally, if you have a tomato crop in abundance, or end up being gifted with a bunch of free tomatoes, ketchup is always a great recipe to use up the extra fruit. A great starter recipe is our "Classic Tomato Ketchup" or you could even try our "Hot Chili Ketchup", a fun recipe that's half like chili sauce and half like classic ketchup, adjusting the heat as you see fit.

You can find all of our current recipes on the right hand side of the page, organized by category for your convenience.

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Happy Ketchup cooking!